Saturday 1 May 2021

St John the Baptist Stanton St John (Inside)


Last week I showed St John the Baptist Stanton St John from around the outside and quite forgot that I have been inside to take photos so this week I will remedy that and show you around the inside of the church.

Start with another look over the churchyard towards the church. I checked the door and was surprised to find it open so not wanting to look a gift horse in the eye I went in.

The first view in the church looking from the south aisle

 Turn right and you looked down the south aisle to the altar

 Which is lit by this beautiful engraved  window

 It is quite stunning to look at

The Millennium Window made to mark  the year 2000 and commissioned from Miss Sally Scott this not the first piece of her work I have come across in Oxfordshire

Over to the main aisle looking down the nave

Into the chancel

The Altar and east window

Looking back through the chancel arch to the west end of  the church

Windows on the north side of the chancel

This one is on the south side and looked to have some older glass in it

Might be made to look old by the Victorians

Couple of the memorials on the north aisle wall

and a whole row of bequests now along a screen at the back where the crèche is

Memorial to Jonathan Mather and his wife Mary from around 1739 the wording is fading a little

Memorial to Margaret Wheatland dated 1741

Floor memorial in the south aisle

This one and another nearby are under a bench seat, the skull was what I noticed

This floor tomb to a couple of Grant brothers by different mothers

Thomas Burch dated 1678

Sir John Thomson who was High Sheriff and Lord Lieutenant

Steps leading to the pulpit

Where you get this view of the nave

The organ over in the north aisle

Which looks to have been added where the altar would have been

Towards the back is the font

Just over to the left of the north aisle is this doorway that would have lead to a rood loft and now just ends with a wall

I presume it would have come out up on the left in the corner

The painting in the centre is this royal coat of arms which is faded

Memorial to Lionel Davidson

Top memorial is to Edward Hamley and the one below to John Anderson Davis

This one is to Laurence Squib as far as I can make out

This one was very hard to read

along with this one

May well have been a holy water stoup

I will leave you here with this shot of the altar cross under the beautiful engraves window of the south aisle.
In case you have not noticed I have taken over looking after Inspired Sunday so take time to visit the other places of worship that have been posted
Till Next time Take care and have a peaceful weekend



  1. Replies
    1. The were quite nice considering they were not totally stained glass

  2. I like those engraved windows, beautiful while not blocking out the light. That looks like a George I coat of arms, so early eighteenth century.

    1. I've seen a few now & I never tire of seeing them

  3. I am glad to be able to see the inside of St John the Baptist Stanton. It is beautiful and full of priceless monuments.
    I am delighted with the Millennium window made for the year 2000.
    Have a nice Sunday in May:)

  4. Beautiful windows, especially that engraved one. I'm glad you got inside.

  5. Love all those windows.

  6. What a beautiful and interesting interior. I am glad you showed it to us and I am also glad that it is as interesting inside as it is outside. I love engraved windows, they are quite rare in churches. There is a beautiful one in Moreton, Dorset by Lawrence Whistler which I recommend you have a look at if you are ever down that way.


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