Saturday, 30 May 2020

Graves of the Famous

One first blogs I wrote was called Famous People which I found the photos were linked to my old Flickr account that I deleted, rather than update the blog I decided to write a new blog with a few more photos as well as the church they are buried at, I hope this does it more justice.

The first one I started off with was Agatha Christie, she is buried over in the North West corner of St Mary's Cholsey  near the footpath that runs though

A few years ago the headstone was very grubby with age but recently it has been cleaned up
 A few miles away is a place called Ewelme where you find this wonderful old church of St Mary the Virgin
In the churchyard you will find the grave of Jerome K Jerome of Three men in a boat fame. It is also worth going in the church where you will find some interesting tombs in particular the one of
Alice de la Pole Granddaughter  of Geoffrey Chauser.
Over in  Sutton Courtney at All Saints Church
 you will find this grave to Eric Arthur Blair or George Orwell of 1984 fame, his friend Davis Astor in behind. Finding Orwells grave is not that easy I might add
Not far away is another famous person, this time a former Prime Minister Herbert Asquith who lived just across the road from the church. You might have heard of his Granddaughter also Helena Bonham Carter
Couple more famous people on the right Sir Arthur Harris also known a Bomber Harris who was in charge of Bomber Command in World War Two, His headstone is at Goring Cemetery. During his funeral a lone Lancaster from WWII flew over is grave
The photo was sourced of the internet I suspect it is a cutting from a local newspaper
Lord Nuffield lived in house not far from his memorial at the Holy Trinity Church. He started Morris Garages in Oxford
Sir David Frost is also buried at the church but I have seen no grave. I might add the funeral of Gerry Anderson took place here as well.
 At St Bartholomew Lower Basildon you will come across this headstone
It belongs to Jethro Tull who invented the Seed Drill, he lived locally all his live and is buried in the churchyard but this headstone is not original. He died in 1740 and his old headstone has most likely sunk in the ground somewhere, someone must have had this one made and placed it by the church.
 This beautiful little Church in Little Sombourne called All Saints is where you will find the grave of Tommy Sopwith
 He helped win the First World War with is plane the Sopwith Camel and the Second World War with the Hawker Hurricane
I cannot say I was over impressed when I found the grave of J R R Tolkiens At Wolvercote Cemetery in  Oxford when I found it I thought it would have been looked after better considering who he was. I left very disappointed
 I was quite disappointed at the Holy Trinity Headington Quarry
 when I saw the grave of C.S.Lewis, I thought it could do with a clean.
Highgate Cemetery has a wealth of famous people to see though most are opposite in the new side

 Douglas Adams who wrote Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy
 Corin Redgrave is the son of Michael Redgrave and his sisters are Vanessa and Lynn
 Karl Marx
 Danny Wilder was with a band called Kings of the City
Malcolm McLaren 
And Jeremy Beadle who was a TV presenter
St Michael & All Angels Hughenden is where you will find the grave of 
 In the family Vault of The grave of Benjamin Disraeli, along with his wife plus also his benefactor where they are buried here beside each other 
 Bladon Church is where I will finish
With the person I feel stands out the most Sr Winston Churchill who is buried here with his wife
Till Next Time Stay Safe and have a pleasant weekend


  1. Some great churches there.

  2. all famous people have fancy gravestones.

    1. No surprisingly very few do. I met a young couple from the US and the guy asked if I would take a photo of them in front of Churchill's grave. He was astounded that the tomb was not more elaborate.

  3. Very interesting old cemeteries and great churches.
    All your photos are beautiful.
    Billy, I wish you a healthy, happy week:)

  4. This is a great place to get rest!
    The tombstone with the books is great!
    Even in the grave, I will not want to be a neighbor with Karl Marx! LOL

  5. I recognized a few names in this post, how fascinating finding where those once famous folk now rest.

    1. What brings it all home is the fact that when they were alive you would most likely get no where near them to talk to but now they are dead and buried you can stand beside their grave.

  6. Interesting graves! And some of these churches are stunning.


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