Saturday, 5 October 2019

St Nicholas East Challow

I have lost count of the number of times I have passed by this church, many of them while on my way to visit other churches till after passing it again on my way back from visiting some churches I thought I really need to visit the church. One morning I decided I decided just that and it was time to visit and when I looked at the church I felt it was well worth doing so. Some history of Wikipedia
" The Church of England parish church of St Nicolas was a-12th century Norman building, but the font and some masonry of the nave are now almost the only original features that survive.  In the 13th century the chancel and chancel arch were rebuilt and the bell-cot and three-bay north aisle was added. The Decorated Gothic south chapel was added early in the 14th century. 
The communion table was made in the 17th century. In the 18th century the aisle was rebuilt in brick and a porch was added over a 12th-century doorway. In 1858 St. Nicolas' was drastically restored, with the aisle and west front being rebuilt and the nave re-roofed. The rebuilding of the west front removed a 12th-century west doorway and a 15th-century west window above it. In 1884 the west tower was added at the west end of the aisle. The oak rood screen was added in 1905.
St. Nicolas' has two bells. They are not dated, but the smaller was cast by Robert Wells of Aldbourne, Wiltshire, which makes it very likely to be 18th-century."

The lychgate taking you to the churchyard

Once through the path leads right to the church. The tower on the right is smaller than the rest of the church
The churchyard goes around the West and North sides of the church

The North side ending at a wall

Back around the North West end looking to the South side which had a hedge running very near to it

The East end is accessible in the new parish cemetery

Above the East end wall

Left a view from the  side gate to the churchyard

Above the South side of the churchyard with the short tower

Left buttresses on the corners of the church
Right the entrance in the West end of the church , on the right of it is an old Stoup

Inside was a bit of a surprise for me as I expected a church that had been reordered  more than I would have thought
One nice thing was the rood screen

Inside the chancel it is nice and light

Above the East end window of stained glass

On the sill is a crucifix while looking back you see the rood screen and chance arch

The pulpit with sounding board

Standing in gives a good view of the nave and South aisle

you can see more stained glass  around the church with dedication on the bottom

If you look though you find even older stained glass in windows

Remnants of older windows  reused

The mural on the left can be seen in the chancel

Items of interest can be seen around the church

The Roll of Honour is quite new no doubt replacing an older one

Left a Madonna and child in the South Aisle Lady chapel

Behind the altar a blocked arch with mural on top[

Depicting the Visitation

Another view of the pulpit with sounding board. Right the organ which is at the back of the church

Rather nice kneeler along one of the pews

Some more of the detail in the church

The back of the church had had an entrance hall added along with an office

Nearby you can see the font with quite an nice cover on it

The back of the pulpit

While I was in the church a Lady came in turned on the lights and worked on the floral displays

This one with Lillie's smelled wonderful

Near the altar one with sunflowers brightening the place up
The rood at the top of the screen

Outside the churchyard has a scattering of headstones

Mose are near the church

The churchyard on the North of the church
Some near the lychgate

One moved over to the wall

Left these are looking towards the East end of the church

On the East end which is accessed off the road is a new cemetery

Which is empty

apart from some floral displays near the church

I will leave you with this display on a chair that was waiting to be placed
Till Next Time have a wonderful weekend


  1. Hello Billy!
    You present another wonderful, historic church and cemetery.
    I admire very beautiful stained glass windows and church furnishings.
    Have a nice, warm autumn Sunday, Billy:)

  2. Beautiful. I'm fascinated with how the pulpit is raised. You never see that here, but it would often be helpful, I think. I always sit behind a lady with very tall Texas hair and I can never see.

    Let me know if you run across any Ashleys or Milbys in the cemetery. They are my people.

    I visited a church last week, too.

  3. Lovely scenes! This church was built to last.

  4. Someone was clever making those glass windows, what was the oldest grave there?

  5. Well wasn't St Nicholas church a delightful surprise Billy. You can tell it is so lovingly looked after, probably by the ladies of the town. Gorgeous details beautifully shown here, merci beaucoup ✨