Saturday, 10 August 2019

St Cynog Broughrood

St Cynog can be seen for many a mile with it's high steeple. When you drive along the A470 from Builth Wells you pass it on your left sticking up above the trees as for history I have found little other than a short piece in Wikipeda
"The village's church, St Cynog's, was built in 1854 on the site of a medieval graveyard. In 2004 the church had a new spire built, to replace one that was declared unsafe and demolished in the 1970s.The first wedding under the new spire took place on 10 June 2006. In the grounds of the church is The Dead house which is the only surviving Parish Mortuary in Wales"

The first view of the church from the entrance I took at the far South end of the churchyard
 The West end with the church spire

Going around to the East end

This is the main entrance to the church with the notice board near the gate

Viewing the East end with the church spire on the North side

Above a zoomed in view of the East end

Left heading around to the North side

The North side of the church with the Spire

Above the Spire with the entrance to the bell loft at the base

Left the South East end of the church and Right the West end with Spire on the North side

Above the entrance porch with gates to stop live stock wandering in
Looking down the nave towards the chancel

Left a view down the chancel to the altar with Right the altar and chancel window

The altar with flowers

One of the flowers vases with the altar cross and candle holder

Turning around to look back through the chancel and the nave

The plate was on one one of the windows on the south side in the chancel

Sun was not helping in this photo of one of the windows in the South wall of the chancel

Above the pulpit with Left a view from it

and one over to the North aisle

Left a Clark's desk with Right the screen hides a kitchen at the end of the North aisle

Above the chancel window

A banner showing scenes of Boughrood and Llyswen along with a flag on the nave

Above the organ in the church with kneelers on one of the pews

Left a memorial to Henry and Thomasina de Winton

Couple more de Winton memorials

Roll of honour for two members of the church who dies in World War one in 1917

View down the North aisle and Left some of the detail on the chancel arch

Above the font with Right a candle stand

Candles on a stand

From the nave looking to the North aisle

Looking out from by the entrance to the nave and North aisle

Outside the churchyard is huge in area

With recent burials

and older ones with the grass left to grow

Above a Celtic cross
Left older headstones

Looking across part of the churchyard

The path taking you to the entrance

Chest tombs and monuments in the long grass

The north looking towards the Dead house

which is in the process of being restored

back looking South East

Above a child with teddy watching over their charge

Right couple of headstones though I think the one on the left is supposed to look like it is
In my was out I passed this fellow looking over the Church yard wall.
Till Next time have a wonderful weekend


  1. It's a lovely church, thanks for sharing it.

  2. Another beautiful church....thanks for sharing. Also love the horse looking over the wall.

  3. Curious what is under the organ, are those seats?
    And smiled at the gates to keep the livestock out. We keep most of our churches locked to keep the people out, which I just don't understand.

    1. The Organ does have a seat though behind that I suspect is a pew where people can sit.

  4. ...that steeple is unlike the ones that show weekly, I do enjoy tall steeples! The interior is wonderful.

  5. Unusual spire - I like it. From some angles it looks rather like a little castle.

  6. WOW!
    Billy, the architecture of this church reminds me of the architecture of the church in Romania.
    This church is great. As always, great photos.
    Hugs and greetings.

  7. Impressive spire! Love the horse... guess they don't want him inside.


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