Saturday, 8 July 2017

St Michael in the Willows Llanfihangel Helygen

One of the first churches I visited in Wales was St Michael Llanfihangel-Mant-Melanon the wall of the porch was this poster showing the various brochures dedicated to St Michael and since then I have been trying to visit them when I go the chance. I got the title from looking at the name of the church on the gate, it dates back to the mid 1500's  and the only history I could find can be read here
It is situated along a narrow road away from the village.

Above the first view you get of the church from the gate and left the new laid path leading to it

View of the north east part of the church

Going around the south side and the entrance

along to the east end

and back to the North side

View across the south side and churchyard

The East end o fthe church

The entrance awaits

Inside I did find the church dark and ended up using the flash to light up the church when needed. It was nice to see the box pews still in the church. Right the Altar with wooden cross and candle holders

Looking along the aisle

Near the front is a small organ

The pulpit stood out in the church

Inside the box pew at the back

The altar looking down from the Pulpit

The nave looking to the altar from the pulpit

and looking back

Above the font which I presume is quite old. Left a memorial to Anne

Either side of the altar are these, one is readable the other very faded

The only other memorial in the church

The churchyard has it share of family vaults fenced off

This one you see as you walk along the path to  the church

This one above is situated beside the Yew tree and the one thing I noticed is they are well maintained and kept painted

Most of the graves are on the south side though this small one is around the north

On the South side the headstones are more recent

showing the church still has a congregation going there

The whole place is situated amongst trees making it a peaceful place to be.

I'll leave you with this view and the thought you could sat here at peace from the world for a while
Have a nice weekend


  1. gorgeous fencing. i am curious about that siting 'cause it doesn't look that comfortable. unless you are only there for a bit or two. lol! ( ;

  2. This church definitely has an old country feel to it.
    The aerial picture in the link makes it looks more closed in than your photos - surrounded by trees, and out in the 'middle of nowhere'.

  3. ...Bill, it's amazing that this church has survived all these years. It looks like a small church in Maui that was built with coral.

  4. I love these wonderful small old churches Bill, they seem so authentic to me, not trying to impress anyone just doing what they were built for! As always beautifully shown here.

  5. What a charming little church. I love the simplicity of the building and inside. It's nice that it's cared for and used.