Saturday, 6 May 2017

Tretower Churches

I pass through this village on a frequent basis on my way home from weekends in our caravan. One time I stopped off for a few moments to get some photos of a castle there and some of a couple of churches. The Main one St John the Evangelist. Though the site is ancient, the present church was completely re-built in 1876–77 after the earlier structure had fallen into disrepair

Down the far end of the village you can see the Zoar Chaple opened in 1844
The building is now a private residence but the plaque above the door can clearly be seen

 St John the Evangelist as you walk down the road 

Looking through the open porch

Across the road from the church is the church hall

Looking down the road leading to the old Zoar chapel

View of the chancel end of the church
cropped view of St John the Evangelist. Unfortunately  I did not spend a lot of time here being more interested in getting photos of the old castle. Hopefully I will get a chance to stop off again for some photos in the church
Have a great Weekend


  1. ...Bill it's nice to see the setting of the church in the village. A lovely spot.