Saturday, 4 February 2017

St James the Less Pangbourne

I visited this church back in 2009 so the photos shown are from my first DSLR with most likely the stock lens it came with. The photo coverage is also not how I do it today and was aslo done with two cameras, I may revisit the church again in the future. The only history I can find is from Berkshire History . "The first church here was built some time prior to 1175. It is supposed to have been rebuilt around the time of the Restoration (1660) and the huge brick tower was added in 1718. However, by 1865, the "dilapidation of the building had very far advanced" and nave and chancel were completely rebuilt. The restorers were keen to preserve what historic architecture or fittings they could, but none were to be found. Only the Jacobean pulpit, the Royal Arms (since doctored to appear Hanovarian) and the monuments to Sir John Davis and others were retained."  you can read more by visiting the link

St James the less looking from over the opposite side of the road

The church sits in pleasant surroundings on one side of the village. The war memorial sits to the South side of the church

 The chancel end of the church

with one of the windows to the left, on the right is the large chancel window that lets in the morning light

The brick bell tower is the part that really stands out with the church and is recognisable as 18th century

The churchyard looking towards the bell tower

The entrance porch with the statue of Christ above

Looking back up the churchyard beside the porch

On the left is a family plot though I failed to see who it belonged to, on the right is a tomb

Round the back the churchyard extends quite a way

with some interesting headstone there

you also find a few fenced family vaults

These containers were stacked round the back of the church and I'd love to know what they were

Going inside you can see the re ordered altar in the chancel arch

Above is the South aisle and the North one is on the left
The beautiful Chancel window

The church also has more wonderful looking stained glass windows

I'm not sure where this window is but I suspect at the back of one of the aisles

The organ is tucked away neatly to one side of the Chancel

The arches in front of the organ with one of the carved endstops nearby

This is what the organ hides. The tomb and effigy of Sir John Davies
which to me is a shame. I find it had to believe I'm looking at some one who Knew Queen Elizabeth I 

A shame I presume his two sons did not keep their heads

The skull here is above Sir Johns tomb while on the right you can read of his achievements

There are more memorials you can see on the walls around the church

Above is royal coat of arms

The church font

There are quite a few hatchments in the church

More memorials under these two hatchments

Memorial to Arthur Sackville Trevor Griffith-Boscawen

The roll of honour for Pangbourne

Above the Jacobean Pulpit and some of the kneelers in the church

More kneelers on the back of the pews

The Font cover

Memorial to Gertrude Helen Craven


  1. Wonderful photos. A very comprehensive tour of this great church and yard. The Bell Tower really does stand out.

  2. Hello, Bill!
    Old English churches and cemeteries are real gems of this land.
    I admire your great pictures.
    Have a nice Sunday:)

  3. Bill, an interesting combination of brick and stone nd the window are gorgeous.