Saturday, 3 September 2016

St Mary the Virgin Buscot

Not a lot I can  tell you about this church other than it dates back to the end of the 13th century when it was built though no doubt there was something here earlier to warrant it being built.. I came across the church while out looking for pillboxes and followed the path to end up at this Lych Gate

On going in the churchyard

it seemed yo have a lot of old graves

and tombs around

Many of the headstones looked to be around the 1700 mark

though I suspect some were a little older

Most of them had the carvings still showing though the inscriptions were eroded away with time & elements

Mind you this one had the initials RB and a date of 1696

and a rather miserable looking skull on top but then I think he had the right to be

Some headstones were leaning precariously and covered in moss

many packed together

More could be seen leaning by the wall

This one under the yew was unusual with the Celtic cross

Under another yew  headstones were piled

Broken and displaced from their original place

One of the more unusual ones

Chest tomb & headstone

Elaborate tomb

On the opposite side of the Lych gate was the main entrance which I felt did not give the same welcome

The South side of the church from the path

differing view of the South side

The porch & tower

and tower entrance

Looking up

The North side on the left were few people look and another shot up the tower

The gate leading to the North side most likely stops people venturing round  anyway

Nearby on the South side and a family vault

On top the weathervane on the tower

Inside you get a view like this down the church form the back, all the photos were taken hand held so may be a little out of focus

The chancel was very light with memorials on the walls

Views through the chancel arch

and along the nave to the back

I tried to get a view showing the light from the windows

But it was not happening how I wanted

The church font which looks quite simple

This stood out for me, the pulpit which has a painting  on it and I felt one of the more outstanding features of the church. When I took the photos I did not think to take a photo of the nave from it

Not sure if it was because I used flash  or it was difficult to take but the plaques are the rolls of honour for Buscot

Reverend Ready's Memorial

Memorial to Owen Hopkins

Frederick Treadwell

Rev William Davenport

There are also a couple of tomb slabs in the floor, one you can read the wording the other either never had any or it has worn away
The one thing I found that stood out was the Stained  glass

It was made in memory of lost from the First war or Great war as it was known and is very Revivalist

When you think Buscot is a small village the certainly dug deep in their pockets to have these made. Mind you William Morris only lived across the river.

Close up of the wording on one of the windows

The window on the left is supposed to be one of the more outstanding features and is called the good shepherd by
Sir Edward Burne-Jones and given to the church in 1891 by Sir Alexander Henderson

Personally I think the pulpit and the other Stained glass more outstanding

The wording on the right hand window above

Another window I liked a memorial to Col Harold Greenwood Henderson

Another outstanding feature is this memorial to Elizabeth Loveden Loveden who died at Buscot park in 1788 the second wife of Edward Loveden Loveden

another memorial which is beside the one above ins this one to the first wife of Edward Loveden Loveden Margaret who was buried in the vault with three of her children who died in infancy.
She died in 1784 aged 36

couple of other features you can see are a bequest and a couple of tablets showing the ten commandments 

Back outside and a view over a tomb towards the main entrance

Back the way I came leaving St Mary behind. I hope to return sometime and do and update but for now I leave you with a last view of the church.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend


  1. Hello Bill!
    It is a great pleasure to be on your blog.
    Each post and photos are well developed.
    I marvel at each monument displayed on your blog.
    Blessed Sunday.

  2. awesome stain glass, love the elegantly detailed headstones & the flag top castle like area. neat-O!! ( ;

  3. Oh wow! What a neat church and intriguing cemetery! Loved seeing the photos. The pulpit is awesome, and I enjoyed seeing the stained glass windows, and the wooden door with metal hinges. Also, it's fascinating to see the old tombstones--dating back to the 1600s! Interesting that the one would look like an headboard. I guess that person wanted to be laid to rest in style. I wonder what the story behind the one with the Celtic cross is. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! Loved it.

  4. WOW what an incredible find! Don't you love when you just happen upon something?

  5. Amazing. The stone has really been worn but for being so old it's not surprising. Surprising it's in such good shape. That pulpit really is cool. I also really love the windows in this one.

  6. Bill, I've never seen a skull on a stone before.

    1. They are quite common round churchyards here

  7. Thank you Very Much for giving such a marvelous tour.

  8. Impressive church and so many tombstones! I love the windows! Thanks for including so many details; it makes for interesting viewing.

  9. Beautiful! The stained glass windows are amazing.

  10. I really like the impression of a plain simple interior which you have to explore to fully appreciate the richness and colour. That pulpit is quite something, so are those wonderful windows.