Saturday, 21 May 2016

Norcote Road Cemetery Reading

I must admit to have never knowing about this place till I came across it being discussed on a Fourm. I felt I needed to go along and record what was left. All I can find out about the place is that on the 1900 OS maps it shows Burial Ground, if there was a chapel there it is long gone being demolished at some time all that is left is the graves you see in this blog.

The entrance the cemetery, at one time I would think there would have been a fence or hedge round the outside and gates in front of me, the path is shown on the 1900 map

One thing the cemetery did have was Commonwealth War Graves so I took photos of all the ones there . Private W.King Royal Tank Corps 3rd November 1918 Age39

Sargent S T Lewis Royal Berkshire Regiment 7th October 1917 Age 41 and Boy O S Stevens Royal Berkshire Regiment 24th January 1918 age17.

Corporal J M Lawes Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th April 1918 age 26

Lance Cpl W Woolgar Royal Berkshire Regiment 7th March 1918 Age21 & P Huggins Royal Artillery 11th March 1944 age22

QMR Serjt D Dickie Royal Horse Artillery 7th October 1915 Age54

C S Day Able Seaman HMS Vivid 4th February 1920 & Private V M Field  Royal Army Medical Corps 22nd February 1916

Sapper B Reeves Royal Engineers 14th October 1920 & Private A J Chapman Royal Berkshire Regiment 5th January 1915 age29

Looking down the churchyard to Norcot road

The overgrown area at the back of the site where I think the  chapel may have been

The headstones in the cemetery

Most of the headstones still stand though some crosses have been removed off the graves

Some as you can see have become covered in ivy

One of the remaining crosses in the cemetery

Most of the cemetery you see here is well kept but only looks like it is cut a few times a year
Before I left I noticed on grave that looked quite new and well kept which meant the cemetery was still in use. At one time the place would have been cared for now it gets a cursory grass cut a few times a year, I think the memory of the people buried here deserve better and not left to be abused by smack heads and youngster's dinking

Have a peaceful weekend


  1. Your military stones are more interesting than those here!

    1. Even the Canadian ones buried in the war graves are the same

  2. The thing that struck me was how young all these souls were when they died.

  3. It looks a bit forlorn. Interesting though.

  4. Always interesting to read the headstones. So sad to see so many men who died way too young...

  5. Strange that reading down through the graves, my first thought was these men who fell in WW1 were much older than the stereotype that is normally presented for drama reasons. Fine post as always Bill.