Saturday, 27 February 2016

Newbury Cemetery Shaw

A cemetery I passed on quite a few occasions but on this one I stopped off because I was researching an old railway that ran past the cemetery and wanted to see how it looked. You could say it was killing two birds with one stone because I could not pass off taking photos round the cemetery as well.
I cannot find much history on the cemetery and can only assume it was made to take over from the one in Newtown road which was full 

The main entrance gates leading to the Chapel

I don't think I have been to a cemetery where the chapel was open, this one was locked as well

There was plenty of room to park round the chapel on both sides

And was well lit by windows

The far end of the cemetery where I wanted to look for the old rail way, the buildings are sat on where the line used to be

The other side where the railway went to Newbury, the boundary would have been where the railway was
Looking back along the cemetery road to the Chapel

At the base of the avenue of trees you can see these plaques

There is another plaque like this in Forbury Gardens Reading

All the armed forces are represented along the avenue

HMS Tigris the submarine adopted by Newbury

The RAF has a presence around Newbury

I was taken by this when I came across it, I did not realise Newbury had been bombed in the Second World War but like Reading and other places it was

The memorial is huge and I can only think it is the grave where they were all buired

Newbury like all over cemterys has it's fair share of Commonwealth War Graves

Quite a few of them are in one area

Sargent D Watson 135th Herts Yeomanry Field Rege
5th June 1918 age 27
& H O Dunn HMS President
18th November 1918

Some of the graves and headstones looking up the cemetery

Engineer Commander L R Rickinson Royal Navy 16th April 1941 & Marine A F Lovelock
Royla Marines 21st September 1947 age40

The grave in the forground is that of Private W H C Barber Royal Warwickshire Regt 9th November 1918.
It is an interesting little cemetery to look round if your driving past
Have a peaceful Sunday


  1. This is a pretty church. I am intrigued that many of the churches we come across are open when I have time to stop.

  2. Great chapel and so interesting cementary..

  3. so fancy, i love the fencing too. i had to visit on recently with my Mom ... so many family to visit and see. i told my Dad who wasn't there with us, that we were visiting the "Resting in Peace". my sister being one. you have a nice weekend. thanks for sharing. ( :

  4. Nice little chapel, and interesting veterans plaques. I'm thinking that Newbury is close to Highclere Castle, right?

    1. That right it's not far away though Donnington is nearer but that was involved in the 1st & 2nd battles of Newbury and distroyed by Cromwel so little left of it. Highclear ws not involved so escaped.

  5. Bill, this one is a delight, the chapel is so special. Thasnks!