Thursday, 3 September 2015

St Bartholomew's Church Holton

St Bartholomew's Church is not far from St Mary in Wheatley and I confess I nearly missed visiting the church as I took the wrong road to get there. The church was first built in 1200 and is transitional between Norman & early Gothic. The chancel was rebuilt in the 14th century and the rectory was built in 1882 it is now part of a single benefice with St Mary Wheatley.

 Seen from the road St Bartholomew with the Lychgate leading to the churchyard

Through the gate shows a path taking you to a small porch by the North transept
 The belltower with entrance below. 

 The steps on the side lead to the bell loft on the South side of the church

The South  transept

The tower across the churchyard

The doorway at the base of the tower leads into a recess with false wall and window added the doors being removed

This gives a view into the church which is as near as I could get as the doors were locked.

Going round the south side of the tower  shows these steps leading to the bell loft though the smaller door intrigues me, did it lead to a Rood loft?

The West end of the churchyard

These headstones are on the left as you go along the churchyard path

nearer the church they are quite old and loosing the inscriptions

some even succumbing to ivy growing over them

others like these on the South side are lost in long grass

even more you can find looking round are peaking through ivy or hidden in blackberry vines

Some are just forgotten

Others still stand proud with a few grave ornaments around them

These graves lay under a tree on the South side of the churchyard

as do these nearby in the nettles, all see to be of the same family though no one cares for them now

Found this headstone interesting as person named was a gunnery lieutenant on HMS Vanguard

I presume he died in 1913 because the ship sunk when a magazine  exploded in 1917 killing 843 men at Scapa Flow


This nice old tomb is near the church

some of the newer  graves north of the churches West end

I'll leave you with this view of St Bartholomew's and wish you a wonderful weekend.


  1. Building a powerful, imposing. I especially like the last image. Thanks for the information and sharing.
    Have a great day.
    (My way here is ispired sunday.)

  2. I like very old churches and cemeteries. It sparks a big interest and urge to ponder on what kinda life was like way back in times. Your visits to these places and pictures are much informative. Thank you for sharing such wonderful finds.

  3. enjoy all the windows & arches. graves stones. ( :

  4. There is a stark beauty to it.

  5. I like how so many of your churches have gates.