Sunday, 7 June 2015

Dorchester Abbey

This blog was fist published in 2013 and as I wasunsure what to write for this weeks blog I decided that Dorchester Abbey might make a good subject. Now I have only been in the place once but do intend to return for some better pictures. The Abbey sits beside the river Thame which lend it's name to the Thames which it joins about a Km (half a mile) away.

This was the second church I had visited this day but take this as a taster as I did not go prepared with a Tripod

This is looking down the nave to the back of the church.

Looking towards the Chancel 

The wall paintings are Medieval and shows how old the church is, I think St Brinus had somting to do with it.

The Impressive Chancel window.

 Part of the churchyard


On the left are the remains of an old preaching cross and the right the church.

The Abbey church.

Looking along the side of the  church

 This is looking through the Lych Gate to the church.

The churchyard with thatched cottage in the background and a memorial to a one of the clergy. As I said more of a taster I need to go back again.

Have a Wonderful weekend


  1. I have driven past this Abbey many times, but never visited. Thank you for sharing this with us. I must go!

  2. certainly seems to be a lot to look at there

  3. those ceiling go for miles ... those arches are gorgeous piece of architecture. enjoy the stain glass too. ( :

  4. The nave looks so tall narrow. Another nice one Bill. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  5. Beautiful architecture and a great place to visit!

  6. It looks sooo long in your pics! Love that chancel window.

  7. Just a wonderful church! I love the arch in the nave, and the stained glass window! The cemetery is so interesting too. Great post!