Saturday, 14 February 2015

Churches & Chapels

Something a bit different this week. Normally I post a church or cemetery  I have visited but this week it's a few churches & Chapels that I have seen while I have been out. I don't tend to get a chance to look round them as they generally tend to be locked and are so small there is very little to see inside.
I'll start with this Methodist Church in Burford which is just round the corner from the place I visited last week. It's a Grade II listed building and when I passed it to get a photo I had not clue as to what it was. It was only after I started looking on GE I noticed the board you can see on the right in the photo and saw the word church on it.

Rather a nice looking building and not one I would associate with being a church

If you follow my Daily Photo blog you will have seen the next two before
This building is along New Inn Hall Street in Oxford, does not look so much different than a lot of other buildings

Till you read the plaque on the wall. Not sure what the place is used for now as there is a Methodist church further down the street on the opposite side.

Carfax Tower in Oxford but did you now it was part of the of the Church called St Martin, tis was attached to it and would have been the bell tower on the west end. I would have been stood in the nave had it still been here. The church was rebuilt in 1820 and removed in 1896. Part of the churchyard still exists off to the right with a couple of graves in it.

St Giles Church in Oxford, not had a chance to go in there yet but I will

This is a small chapel that is on the edge of a town called Thatcham.The building was erected in 1304 as the Chapel of St Thomas and was used for worship until about 1550. After a long period of neglect, it was occupied as the Winchcombe Charity School 1707-30 and as a Blue Coat School 1794-1914. Since then it has served as a cooking depot, a classroom and as an antiques shop. It is still known as the Blue Coat School and is owned by Newbury District Council.

 Cholsey Free Church is a Baptist church, It is still used as a place of worship though it has also been let out as a hall as the local council used it for meetings now and then.

My best friend used to live next door and his garden went past the right hand side and as kids we were always poking our heads above the window sill to look at the service going on only to get shooed away for making faces

This wonderful old building is off Northbrook street in Newbury and was once the Congregationalist School

The doors are in pairs which I'm sure was to do with one for boys the other girls, normally it is carved over the entrance

There is also a church beside it

Which is quite new

 and this is the church they use now. I suspect the old church was demolished

as in the car park nearby

You can find may old head stones

I suspect the graves have been lost or moved leaving only the headstones
The Methodist  church along Norhbrook Street
I think it is a nice looking church though there is only one tomb in the churchyard that  you can see in the photo
This is the old Temperance Hall in Newbury it's not used as that any more but as a children's Nursery but it still has the

Slogans round the entrance and on the corner stones.

 I'll leave you with the Salvation Army Chapel which is still in use.
Have a great Sunday


  1. A wonderful collection of architecture. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Hello Bill, What a great collection of churches. I always love the older ones with character. Have a great rest of the weekend!

  3. Some very interesting building there

  4. Thank you, a great Sunday to you.

  5. Many places of worship. Nice variety. There were times that a worship service was even held in a home before a church was built in their area.

  6. Ana interesting assortment of buildings!

  7. i love the clock on the spire. love the 2 tower church. what a gorgeous area. what an awesome nice trip.

    sorry i am late to commenting it's been a busy crazy kind of weekend. have a great day!! Beth ( :

  8. I have enjoyed looking at these lovely places of worship. That first building is unlike any church I have ever seen but the architecture is wonderful. Great photos!

  9. What beautiful buildings, thanks for sharing them all, I really love the clock.