Saturday, 13 December 2014

All Saints Rotherfield Peppard

 This church I came across while doing some field work for a Lady who was writing a book on her Mothers life as a Mental Nurse back in 1939. She had been working at a nearby Mental Hospital and worshiped at this church. I went along to get a few photos of the church to send off for the book. As you can see it was a cold January when I visited

The Lych gate you see in the photo above has this plaque attached to it. Going though you get a better view of the church we are about to Visit
 Headingover the South East end of the churchyard gives this view of the church
 Then round the East to see the chancel end

Going on round the north side shows a small extension for the office

Heading in through the door you will see this view

but turn round and you can view this great stained glass window

In the center stands the church font

Going on to the chancel provides you with quite a choice of what to view

the carved wood altar with inlays or the backdrop mural of the altar

From the chance you can get a great view of the church

The font is quite simple

to one side is the north aisle with the lady chapel

and on the back wall are a few bequeaths

but I think it is the amount of stained glass windows that surprised me with this church

A lot  of the stained glass seems to revolve around the nativity as with above the annunciation

the on eon the right are the three magi and the birth of Our Lord

Another beautiful small window

Another with the birth of Jesus and a knight praying before the crucifix

This is the chancel window, which I find quite stunning

Back outside near the west end you can see the village war memorial

The churchyard is quite large

with quite a few old headstones

even on the north side

Love the carvings on these which date back to around 1700

Coming out of the lych gate if you turn right you see another taking you to the village cemetery.
On the gate pillars are a couple of more dedications

The cemetery has the newer graves than the one in the churchyard

and there are a couple of war graves there both from the RAF

Though this marker was the find of the day to me. I had to look up Old Contemptible.  J.H.Cumberland  M.M was with the Royal Field Artillery and fought in the first stages of World War one. I know of three other Old Contemptibles and they are buried at Old Reading Cemetery

Hope you have enjoyed the visit to this church. Have a great Sunday.
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  1. More than enjoyed it Bill, loooooved it! What a wonderful old church, the stained glass windows are stunning and the old carved headstones a delight to see with their mossy trims, merci beaucoup for taking us along.

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Your Sunday posts never disappoint. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. i agree with Tom, you really do find some beauties. love all the unique grave stones. & stain glass pics too! ( :

  4. Hi Bill !
    Church of the centuries-old history ...