Saturday, 15 November 2014

St David's Cregrina

St David's Cregrina

The second of the St David's churches I visited just after the first at Glascwm, this is another sat on a hillside over looking a river and dates to the 13th century and the Normans.

Looking from the North side of the churchyard

 The original Radnorshire bellcote was replaced in the 18th century with a Victorian bell turret

 the South side which has lost its porch in the 20th century restoration

Need to duck going through the doorway

The east end of the church which looks newer that the west end.

Going inside we see the church has retained the rood screen though the rood above depicting Christ on the cross along with Mary & John have been removed at sometime in the past.

The Chance though is still very light from the three windows

The Altar is simple with the chancel window behind

The Altar itself is made from some of the old medieval roof timbers when the bell cote was replaced

Looking back towards the rood screen from near the Altar

A small church organ can be seen behind the choir stalls

Though on the other side of the screen you can see a small pipe version

No stained glass windows as such but the glass is subtlety colored

At the back of the nave you can see the 12 century font

looking up to the ceiling shows the original joists and on the South wall of the chance is the only memorial

Beside the Rood screen you find the wooden pulpit

Outside you can wander round the churchyard which on the whole is well kept

With a mixture of tomb chests and headstones

which mostly date back to Victorian times

You come across tomb chests which still have color on them

or those with lichen growing on then

the inscriptions on them sill legible.
There are a few coffin shaped graves like this one of  a child

Though there is one corner that has been left to nature

and another under the Yew tree

St David's Cregrina, hope you have enjoyed the tour, next week will be St Davids Rhulen. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  1. These series of photos are amazing. Very well done. This little church reminds me of another church that I visited in south Wales - one of the churches where my ancestor was married.

  2. Bill, now this looks like my idea of a nice white country church. The interior is wonderful. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. What a wonderful visit to this great old church. Love the wood that made the rood screen and the beams.

  4. i love the shot of the light glistening into the gorgeous windows. what a precious church. ( :

  5. I think very historic churches like this, small churches, are more fascinating in many ways than the huge cathedrals. This one makes me wonder who the people were who worshiped here. I love the subtle color of the windows, and the font is wonderful! The graveyard is also such a treasure to explore. A moment in time, captured for us. You took some beautiful photos!

  6. One of the prettiest churches I have seen and your photos are marvelous. They gave us a great tour. Thank you. I particularly loved the window shots, especially the 12th one from the top. Stunning!

  7. I see a few similarities between the two churches Bill, like the bell towers and the simple but tres appealing interiors.. Isn't it funny how we all love to wander around really old cemeteries, there's something so fascinating about how people lived and died back then!