Saturday, 27 September 2014

St Pauls Ystradffin

My wife & I had just spent a pleasant tour round a very scenic reservoir  and had an even more pleasant picnic over looking it and I noticed this church as we were leaving the area. I asked if she minded stopping for a few moments  so I could take some photos.
I must admit that being so remote I did not expect the church to be open but was pleased when I found the door opened for me. The church is quite  small simple one and deserving of my 100th blog.

We stopped just past the church & I could not help notice this stone step stile on the wall. I've see many of these at old churches

The main entrance to the churchyard is through this Lych gate

not easy to read the name of the are named here

St Pauls churchyard from over the wall by the Lych gate
It does have a pleasant path leading to the church

Going round to the east side of the churchyard shows this view of the south side of the church

Heading round the north shows this view. The porch is on the west end which is unusual I find, normally I find them on the south side. Above is the single bell which calls the parishioners to worship.

Nave in St Pauls very plain & simple with bench pews either side

View of the altar and rails
 The main window is just plain frosted glass, no stained glass like other churches
 As ever there are always a fresh vase of flowers on display

A very nice wooden pulpit and lectern by the altar rails 

and of course a small church organ

 one side is a very small cross on the wall
 Looking back along the nave to the entrance door. The boxed off area looks new

Not see a had carried brie before

Going back outthe porch you see a couple of plaques

telling you it was founded in 1117 and rebuilt & restored within 100 years

The churchyard is not a large one

though you can see many old headstones

and for the size of the plce it is quite full

The trees have grown shading and hiding many graves

This one was a puzzle at first as I wondered about the urn beside it, then realised it was from the top of the pillar
 Lichen covered headstones

I will leave you with this photo, the figure above was one memorial that stood out for me even though it was about 3ft tall, it belongs to the grave of a young child who died many years ago, it seems she stands there waiting for her mum and dad to come and bring her home.

Have a good weekend


  1. I love St Paul's church Bill.. I find these smaller, simpler churches very moving. I'm not really all that religious but if I was I think this would be more meaningful than the distractions in the overly ornate churches.

  2. With a natural setting so lovely, the simplicity of the interior is perfect. The child's memorial is so poignant, obviously a much-loved and missed little girl.

  3. I love this church, it's pure simplicity moves me far more than ornate buildings. That last image is heart rending.

  4. This chapel is beautiful ... situated among the old monuments ... just religious miracle .... Regards from distant Polish ... Birch B

  5. they really are gorgeous. but i do wonder how the seats are on the rump after many hours being there. i have to think seriously. ha. ha!! ( :

  6. Bill,
    You found another beauty. Thanks Tom The Backroads Traveller