Saturday, 9 August 2014

St Padarn Llanbadarn Fawr

St Padarn's church in  Llanbadarn Fawr is along the A483 near Llandrindod Wells in Powys Wales. I'd passed the church a few times and for once too the time to stop and get a few photos. There has been a church here since around 1304 but the present one was rebuild during Victorian times.
The internal photos were taken hand held so  so forgive me if some are a little out of focus.

Ok I stopped in the layby opposite. You can see an old Milestone telling you that its 10 miles to Builth Wells & 21 to a town called Newtown

The wrought Iron entrance gates

Couple of footpath round the church, one to  the main entrance the other for the priest

The war memorial

The belltower with the entrance

This path leads round to the main entrance

Going in through the entrance brings you into the nave

Where walking on down will take you into the Chancel here
Turn round and you get a nice view down the nave

On the nave walls are the British Legion flags round the Village Roll of Honor
Further along is this memorial
Evan Williams Davies

Various Family Memorials can be seen on these plaques though the stone plaque here on the wall is just about readable though my photo is a tad shaky

Going back outside you can see quite a large churchyard

with many interesting headstones though these tomb toms seem to be just dumped beside a family vault

Some of the graves under the shade of a Yew tree

Other headstones appear to be older than the church and delaminating due to frost causing the letting to dissapear

But there are a few impressive family vaults here
The Angel that looks over this one is very striking
St Padarn is church with a history I hope you enjoyed my little tour. 
Have a peaceful Sunday


  1. Your customary excellent tour! Interesting graveyard - there must have been some wealth around there. What's the little tray of earth in front of the war memorial for?

    1. I think it was meant for flowers to be planted in

  2. Yet another amazing church, please keep finding them. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  3. Love this church inside and out. Amazing stonework. I always enjoy walking about church cemeteries, too. That angel is striking!

  4. i love the roof beams, the fancy fencing, the war memorial too. reminds me of my acolyte cross. so fancy. ( :

  5. I love the picture of the Yew trees. Your photos are just stunning.

  6. I loved this post as I always enjoy visiting beautiful old churches and their interesting graveyards. A lot of history in those old headstones. The WWII Memorial was lovely. A great post Bill.

  7. To me this is the quintessential English church Bill, it's perfect in every way and of course as always you have shown it to its very best, nice work!

  8. Wonderfull Church and fotos, greeting from Belgium