Sunday, 1 June 2014

All Saints Houghton

This is the third of the churches I visited while I was at King's Sombourne and is in the nearby village of Houghton. There is not much I can tell you about the church other than the photos I took.

 Entrance gate with a mature bush growing beside it greets you

Looking past the gate shows the church better

Small plaque in memory of Elinor Wynne Owen Reece can be seen on the gate

Going inside shows a very light and airy church

Looking down the aisle to the chancel arch

On the left is a carved stone font with wood cover and to the right  the chancel

The pulpit has this carving of the Lamb of God on it

The Pulpit on the left with the Altar and stained glass chancel window

A list of the former priests

One of the stained glass windows and a memorial that is in the north aisle

View back down the nave to the to back and the wood frame supporting the tower

You can see the oak beams here on the left which support the bell tower .
On the right is the chapel in the north asile

The churchyard does hold some old heastones

and there does look to be  a crypt going under the church

Parts of the churchyard are overgrown

but the rest is well kept

The last grave here seems to be a family grave and the anchor lays over their only son

Have a Peaceful Sunday


  1. That anchor stone is awesome! How unique & unusual.

  2. What a beautiful little church. such a shame that some of the churchyard is over grown. Fantastic pictures as always.

    Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday.

    Beneath Thy Feet

  3. Just went back and checked out the last few posts Bill, I seem to have missed a few of your church visits. Enjoyed all of them but have to say All Saints Little Sombourne was a little delight, I am drawn to the simpler style, although I do have a 'thing' for arches and the many arches above did make my knees go weak :)

  4. Bill, nice to be back visiting your blog. :)
    As always, lovely photos! I like the one of the iron around the window -- kind of mysterious.