Sunday, 22 September 2013

St Mary's Llanfredd

I visited this church once before and while I was in Wales the other week I returned to see if I could get some internal views but alas the place was closed so I took some more external views.

 The church is set off the road behind church house farm and is reached by walking up the farm entrance track and going through a gate
 The path leads to the entrance porch
Looking towards the farm where you can see there is a yew tree in the churchyard

This war memorial is in the porch. Considering the size of the community that loosing those men hit them hard beside the war memorial are some interesting stone ones these two being of the same fam

A footpath runs through the churchyard  and you pass these graves and headstones

This is looking from the back of the church where on the wall you can see a tomb slab which is now getting faded.

Along the wall at the back are these large headstones

This is one the more interesting, the wording is very flowing as though it was written. The dates on it are 1735 & 1736

Going round the other of the church you can see it has left to grow wild as seems the norm now.

Walking back to the front of the church you can see some old headstones in very good condition 

 They have interesting carvings like this urn

Looking at the ones leaning against the wall I noticed this headstone, it looks old and on checking the date

you could see 1698 or so as the last number was not easy to make out

Walking to the overgrown side I could see the front of the headstones in the grass and took photos  of the carvings on them

A scroll and cross

Towards the back you could make out a plant like a Lilly and in front a cross on a scroll with flowers around

There are two headstones beside each other from the same family and both have the same carved dove on it with hands clasped underneath
The two headstones with the doves on.

Walking back past the church I noticed this stone which had some interesting carvings in. It looked like it had been recycled from somewhere else 
I'll leave you with the sign from the front by the gate which is where I came in. Have a peaceful Sunday
Taking part in Cemetery Sunday


  1. I'm not sure about the idea of letting everything grow wild around the headstones - could be quite a mess eventually.
    It also seems odd to have the church and farm so close together - but then again, why not?

    1. To be fair it tends to the older part of a churchyard not used that much or not seen easy as for the farm not sure why it is that near but it's not unusual in this country, there is another near me similar.