Saturday, 3 August 2013

Two Churches

Back in 2010 I happened to be in Northamptonshire  with my wife who was at a training day with her dog. I took the opportunity to go for a walk round the area so I headed off to Pitsford where there was a reservoir I wanted to visit. On the way I passed a church called All Saints I could not pass it off without looking round the place.

Now who could pass off a church like this

Walking in the gate you can see the churchyard

 Turning to the right you see the village War Memorial

and a view of the church from the chancel end

Walking round the north side of the churchyard you can see many older graves

and more wonderful views of the church
You can see this beautiful praying angel at the west end of the churchyard

The west end  showing the bell tower
 The porch leading to the church, unfortunately the door wa locked when I tried it.

On the ground t looks like part of the church has fallen off.

Looking across the south side of the churchyard

This was the first time I saw what I thought were small headstones but turned out to be footstones.

 Looking back at the church with the War Memorial

Later after lunchI went to Boughton where I came across St Johns Church

The church can be seen here up the street

It also is on the roadside

On the back of the church you can find these memorials

Round the side you can find the churchyard though there are few graves to see.

Looking across the chancel end of the church
Where you can see some of the older headstones. St Johns church was built to replace the one that was abandoned a few miles away, you can read about it here  I hope you have enjoyed my walk.


  1. I was having trouble leaving a comment before (and now cannot remember what I was trying to say...)
    Anyway, I was wondering about those foot stones, but Nicola helped explain :)
    That 3rd last picture of the near empty churchyard looks so sad. It's almost as if the graveyard were abandoned.

  2. Fascinating photos! Wonderful old place.