Saturday, 24 August 2013

A few Churches

On my local travels where I had been searching out World War2 Pillboxes  or just out walking I have visited a few churches which I looked round the outside of and did not manage to look inside as the door was locked. They will be worth a visit if I get the chance.
The first one I will show you is St Marys Chapel Shifford  which can be seen from the Thames Path as you walk along it. I managed to visit after looking at a couple of nearby pillboxes.
The chapel is off the road and accessed via a footpath 

The chapel dates back to  medieval times though my the 19th century it had become derelict and was replaces in 1863 by a Gothic Revival one designed by architect Joseph Clark  

The gravel path leading past the churchyard

The churchyard with many old graves in

The south side of the chapel

The church yard seems to have graves in older than the church and what looks like and old Preaching cross

The porch and in front the remains of the preaching cross.

The next Church is St Peter in Caversham

The path runs beside the church from St peters Hill

The churchyard is also on a hillside with many old graves.

some in great condition considering their age

Others stand out for people to see.

I wonder about the anchor and chain and though the person had an nautical connection
Last I will take you to Brigtwell-cum-Sotwell a village not far from mine where there are two Churches. They used to be in two separate villages but they joined together to form one.

The first is St Agatha a name I have not come across on a church before, this was the old Brigwell end of the village The building is part stone and b

One of the interesting features about the churchyard is the Cob wall

 It is just a small part  at the west end of the churchyard                                                                                         

But you can see a magnificent tomb chest on the north side of the church.

Looking towards the church from the west end of the churchyard

The path leading past the west side of the church

Some of the graves on the south side
And the porch taking you in the church.

Finally We come to St James  which was at the Sotwell end of the village

The graves in the churchyard seems old and in good conditon

 The churchyard well kept

Ivy covered headstones and angels

The west end of St James

The church is well worth visiting if you happen to be in the village which I might add is a nice place to look round with thatched houses and a pub to stop off for lunch at. I wish you all a good Bank Holiday weekend

St James Church


  1. Again a great job Bill :-)

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

  2. Having always lived in the city, I don't get to see so many churchyards. That first church looks so lonely out there all by itself.

  3. Thanks for your comments in my blog ... Now I Take Time and read your Post and see the calm in your picts On The churchyards.

    Greetings , Heidrun