Saturday, 8 June 2013

War Memorials

Most places I have visited have a war Memorial to remember the dead of the two wars. Some villages have a small one others are quite elaborate but every year on remembrance day  people gather and remember those who were lost and lay poppy wreaths.  There were few villages that escaped and they are known as Thankful villages there were 52 in all and 14 of them were doubly thankful as they lost none in the second war either.

This one of a first world war soldier is in New Radnor Wales. Wales lost a lot of it's men in the first war.

Llandrindod Wells a lager market town has one as magnificen

Other villages in the UK tend to have a more simple memorials  like these at Harwell and Dorchester on Thames in Oxfordshire

 Garieston in Scotland has it's Memorial on he seafront

Reading which is now the County Town of Berkshire has two different memorials
The Lion is called the Maiwand Lion and is dedicated to men from the Berkshire Regiment who gave their lives at the Battle of Maiwand in Afghanistan  1880 The plain white one is dedicated to the dead of the two wars.

This is another memorial which is in Berinsfield near Dorchester in Oxfordshire which is dedicated to airmen from Mount Farm photo reconnaissance squadron which were based there in the second war.  

I will leave you with this one in Wallingford market place and will bring you another blog on war memorials at a later date.


  1. This is really neat! Thank you for sharing so many different war memorials with us. Those poppy wreathes are gorgeous!

  2. I always look at them when I visit a town or village and after remembrance day you can be sure it will be decked with wreaths.

  3. Fantastic post and fabulous pictures. I have seen the Forbury Park Lion so many times.

    Thank you for linking up with Cemetery Sunday

    Beneath Thy Feet

    1. I used to see it everyday when I went to St James School now it is less frequent.

  4. This is a lovely collection --- very touching to see all of these.

    1. They are only a few of the ones I have visited.