Thursday, 18 October 2012

St John the Baptist Mongewell

I'm republishing this for Inspired Sunday
This has to be one of my favorite churches and though a ruin the chancel has been kept and made into a chapel which is used a couple of times a year. It is now looked after by the Church Conservation Trust. The photo's were taken at different times of the year as you will see.
At first look you would not think much was amiss.

Round the side you see the walls are missing but there are graves in the churchyard still.

Above is a tomb in a small chapel and to the right
 looks down the old nave to the bell tower.

The tower still has a window casement and some glass still in place. 

Here we look down the nave to the chancel which has been made into a chapel , the pile of stones over to the left are the remains of a stone pulpit.
Inside the chapel you find a couple of chairs and a few memorials along with the church font which has been moved there. I intend to return to the chapel for some new photos which I will post again. Some history about the church can be read here St_John_the_Baptist Church_Mongewell  


  1. i really enjoy the round turret. so nice. ( :

  2. Outstanding, Bill. «Louis» always looks forward to your posts!

    The Church of the Nativity is «Louis'» inSPIREd Sunday post this week. This happens to be the parish attended by "Dr. Mc" of The Friday Funnies fame.