Sunday 16 September 2012



I remember going to Henley and passing an old tramp who lived along the Fairmile, who's home seemed to be in the hedge to me, on going home at night you could see his fire still smouldering. One day I noticed he had gone and the place he lived no more. I wondered what became of him till one day in Henley Cemetery I chanced on this grave.
I could not say if it was the same person who was an ex solder. He was befriended  by a Freemason who found him on Remenham hill and helped back to his tent, Joe found the guy and a long friendship ensued. After he died the Freemason organized paid for the funeral. The grave is just inside the gates of the old main entrance on Bix Hill and the grave points to the road. Rest in Peace Joe.


  1. I remember a lot of "Joes" living rough in the woods and fields near where I was brought up, they came for a while then moved on. Never knew where they came from, or where they went. They always seemed content with their lot, though I suspect many had mental problems.

    1. I remember seeing more of them in Ireland when I went there but he was the only one I noticed around this area though I was told one fellow used to use an old WWII pillbox to sleep in over near Shillingford

  2. I never heard anyone called a Joe before. Interesting and I like the words on his tombstone.

  3. What an uplifting story. And, I love the grave marker.


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