Saturday, 11 June 2016

2012 The First Few Blogs

I started this blog back in September 2012 and have never done was a round up for the years 2012/13  as I have done for the last couple of years so I think I should remedy this with one. I'll start with 2012

When I started out writing this blog I had just been reading a few blogs on  Taphophilia and I thought I have been to lots of churchyards, I can do this. So I started out with a Blog called Joe  mention  and followed with on on Agatha Christie

 In reality I was not one for looking into the background of the person buried there so only gave it a cursory mentioned and started writing about churchyards I had been to like a Harwell war Cemetery
The next along was on on the Howf Dundee a place you really must visit if you are in the City. I then did some Night shots of a local church and called it a Churchyard at Night  

I then wrote about another local church I  really must revisit some time called St John's Mongewell it's just off the Ridgeway walk and worth stopping off to see.
Another night shot followed about Angels
Then it was back to  a huge cemetery  called Brookwood where I did a couple of blogs on the War cemetery's there the American  and the Commonwealth War graves

I then visited a ruined church called St Johns and posted a remembrance day one after that.   
St Mattew Otterbourn was next which was an old churchyard I spotted on a map.
My next post was on Headstones From a lot of churches I have visited some I will have to revist agin for this blog 
Another old churchyard was next called All Hallows  which is a disused churchyard in Wallingford that I had forgotten about and came across again.
I finished the year with a post on Private W G Robinson for the simple reason when I was looking at the photos I noticed it was the day he died so I though the should be remembered

That was 2012 the first few blogs  There may well have been a couple more but I have republished them with updates. I'll bring you 2013 next.
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  1. Hello Bill!!!!!
    The pictures are very beautiful but the third stole my heart.
    Have a nice and blessed day.

  2. That 3rd photo is wonderful. Great lighting. I was wondering who Joe was so I went & read your original post. Very interesting story.

  3. I like the inscription on Joe's stone. The orderly well maintained stones in the 4th picture is impressive.

  4. Thanks for playing along. I love a good graveyard to poke around in.

  5. i enjoy the ones at night. mysterious, indeed. ( :

  6. Great look-back at some fine photos!