Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Howff Dundee

The Howff is a cemetery in Dundee, and untill I spotted the place I never knew of its existence but I was mesmerized once I walked in the place. I had never seen such a crowded cemetery before.
"The land of the burial ground was part of the Franciscan (Greyfriars) Monastery until the Scottish Reformation. In 1564 Mary, Queen of Scots granted the land to the burgh of Dundee, for use as a burial ground. It was used for meetings by the Dundee Incorporated Trades, and subsequently became known as The Howff, from the Scots word howff meaning a meeting place. Meetings at The Howff ceased in 1776.The last burial took place in 1857. The walls along the west side date from 1601." (taken from Wikipedia). If you are ever in Dundee then this place is a must to visit my only disapointment was I did not see the grave of James Chamers inventor of the postage stamp who is buried in the cemetery.

Looking across the cemetery

One thing you see a lot of is seagulls

The building in the background is D. C. Thomson building the where the Beano and Dandy were printed.

You can see the outer walls on the right of the photo.

Lots of these about

Another view towards the Thomson Building

This was probably an old entrance.

A lot of stones have erected by on them and the deceased in smaller letters below. This is so the predominant benefactor can be seen to have buried the person. 

And this the meeting place, it was a tradition to leave some money which still happens as coins are still left on top.


  1. Fantastic graveyard - I'm glad you did a roundup of 2012 otherwise I might never have seen this!

    1. The guy who invented the Penny Black is buried there but I only found out later. Well wortha visit if you are there